Tuesday, August 31, 2010

'Back where I come from..'

For as long as I've known, this has been my life...

Thank goodness I had this woman of strength to keep me sane!

...And her other half.
However, my dad brings out whole other side of me.
Love ya, Dad... Im your daughter!(That's why people still think I'm 16 years old...got that baby face)

Jason on the other hand...he comes from a more relaxed life.

He "should've been a cowboy..should've learned to rope and ride"
...and then I come into the picture and screwed that up for everyone..
Then I got my hands on his mother...
Fun began..
and I've made her more crazy! Love this woman!

I dont care how crazy they are, Where ya come from is your roots. 
Love you guys!


  1. Love seeing pics of your sweet family and your wonderful new family! Love you guys!

  2. What a fun post! Glad to see your smiling face.