Friday, March 26, 2010

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I was catching up on my blog reading and was over at How Sweet It Is when I came across Follow Me Fridays. So I decided to participate. Blog Hop with me!

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Antique Armoire

I found this cherry wood armoire at a local thrift store on Sunday afternoon during "power hour."  Power hour meant everything in the store was 50% off! WHAT?!#@*&^%?  I had been in search of an armoire that I can antique. And it just so happened it was there in the midst of it all....calling out my name.  Perfect. Not too big. Not too small. And will fit adorably in my little dressing room/spare room. =) 

So I went at it! I went to the store and picked me up some Antique White paint, a couple different sized paint brushes, and some sand paper. I removed all the handles and wiped it down so it was fresh and clean.  Shhh, dont tell anyone but I skipped the whole sand papering first part of this whole gig. I went straight to painting! hehe!

After the second coat, it was a pasty cream color. I went ahead and put the handles back on, but I wasnt done yet!  I was looking more for an antique look. So this is where the sand paper comes in!  And I went to sandin'!

The lighting looks alittle differrent, but its the same pasty cream, with an antique, rugged look to it. I took the sand paper and went along the edges and down the front to put some scratches to it.  Now its just what I wanted! Thats not to say I wont make some tweeks here and there alittle later down the road, but for right now...its perfect!

P.S. Next time, I will sand before hand!  I thought I was being smooth by skipping a step, but really it needed to be done first! Oh well. Something tells me this wont be the first furniture project I take on!

Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm Forgiven by Sanctus Real.
I hear this song all the time and I sing it. 
I sing it to sing.
If Im not singing in the car or when I hear music, something is wrong.
Ive noticed that about me.
When a song comes on...I sing.
When a song comes on and I am upset...I dont sing.
And sometimes I dont even like the song...i just sing.
I like this song by Sanctus Real,
but I havent really listened to the words to truly hear what it was saying.
But they certainly do reflect my thoughts lately.
  One afternoon on my long drive home from work,
this song played and its as if God wanted to grab my attention. 
 My ears opened up and instead of singing along...i listened. 

Sometimes God doesnt want you to talk,
He doesnt want to you think,
He just wants you to listen...

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!

I have been MIA from the blog world lately because I have been planning a very important party for a very important love of mine! Erin and I have been friends since 2nd Grade....we are 28 now!!! Wow, thats so long. We went to college together, worked after college together, and it wasnt until I met my handsome beau and married that we were inseparable. This girl is like a sister.
We are opposite chicks,
but we always said if we were the opposite sex, we would marry each other!
And wouldnt you know, our husbands share qualities of eachother. 
Needless to say, I have been planning this event with Erin for as long as we could remember.  So since this party was my party to plan as the matron of honor,I had think outside of the box and make sure it was everything Erin is....
Pink, Girlfriends, Lace, Pink Champagne, oh and did I mention Pink?
This was the Blonde Bride to Be Lingerie Shower/Bachelorette Bash.
I had our college girlfriends fly in from Chicago come for the weekend.
As well as Aunts, Moms, Sisters, etc attend the festivities!
Here are the details:

We started out the evening with a champagne toast.

We then showered her with pretty things to wear on the honeymoon!!


And even though its 2 weeks till the BIG day,
we couldnt help but gorge ourselves in this beautiful corset cake!
Then we hit the town dancing in this plush ride!

 However, while walking out of the house, my husband says to me,  "Now you make sure them boys know your a married woman."  Hahaha!
                                                  ......As if boys were going to hit on this group of ladies!

We had a great time...
now were going to the chapel!