Friday, March 19, 2010


I'm Forgiven by Sanctus Real.
I hear this song all the time and I sing it. 
I sing it to sing.
If Im not singing in the car or when I hear music, something is wrong.
Ive noticed that about me.
When a song comes on...I sing.
When a song comes on and I am upset...I dont sing.
And sometimes I dont even like the song...i just sing.
I like this song by Sanctus Real,
but I havent really listened to the words to truly hear what it was saying.
But they certainly do reflect my thoughts lately.
  One afternoon on my long drive home from work,
this song played and its as if God wanted to grab my attention. 
 My ears opened up and instead of singing along...i listened. 

Sometimes God doesnt want you to talk,
He doesnt want to you think,
He just wants you to listen...

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