Saturday, January 8, 2011

Where the Road Leads You..

I never would have imagined the road would lead me the places it has. BUT thank god it did!

In that last 3 months God has blessed me beyond words. He has surprised me with opportunities I do not deserve. With meeting people that make me want to know and love Him more. By strengthening my marriage and taking me out of my comfort zone in order to support my husband more. I am challenged. I am driven. And I am stronger.

I have moved to a new state. A state I knew I would eventually end up in at the right time in my life. A dream Jason and I have had for a while even before we had met. Its taken us quite the journey to get here, but we made it.

Taken on a new job, earlier than I thought,

but it was my dream job.

Moved into a new house.

Lived without Jason for 7 weeks while he finished up his degree.

I saw my husband walk across the stage at FSU with degree in hand. I am so proud of his integrity and humbleness through it all.
Spent Christmas in my own home for the first time.

And to top it off,
we had our
1st White Christmas!

Life is good. And I am thankful for the journey. For the blessings that not only the last 3 months have given but the past year. I think I will continue to let the Lord lead me...


  1. Good to hear from you! Glad things are going so well, God is so good!

  2. Hi Ashley! It's Sunday and I've been spending this cold yet relaxing day hopping around blogs. I came upon yours and just love it. Your photos are so beautiful and you have such inspiring posts. I hope you'll stop bye!