Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Women Need Women

So last night my poor husband got an emotional break down from "Im in a quiet mood Im going to cry if you touch me or look at me the wrong way," ME!  I tried so hard to take a strong, bold stance in the conversation but really it boiled down to me just needing to talk about it.  Needing to cry about it. Needing someone who relates to encourage me about it. Thats where women need women. 

I have talked to numerous women who crave to be relational with women.  They are lacking the deep, meaningful friendships in their lives and are part empty because of it.  Im talking the friendships where you never run out of a thing to talk about....but IF you do just sitting and being silent with them is quite fulfilling. The ones that allow you the security to (as stated by Humble Pie) take off your make up and get in your pj's!  The ones that are encouraging and make you better as a person. 

Why are these relationships lacking in our lives?  Are we too inferior of eachother to let down our wall? 

I have a few women who complete this description of meaningful friendships in my life and I am so very thankful for them and blessed to be a part of their lives.  However, they dont live near me, they are busy with life, children, work and we hardly ever get the time to just get in our pj's and talk.  We mine as well get out our planner and schedule phone dates =)...which happens sometimes!  

Women need women.  Our husbands aren't designed to fulfill every part of our lives. That is why God puts different people(women) in each of our fulfill that need, whatever it may be. 

...Maybe just to laugh!


  1. Love this post… it is so true that women NEED women. One of the reasons I turned to the blogging world is just to find real women to relate to, the good, bad and ugly :)

    I have a few girlfriends that God has SO blessed me with, and the older I get the more I realize how few and far between they are, it makes me also realize how precious they are!

  2. Absolutely true...I also started blogging partially for this reason. I felt extremely alone. Part of it is my fault because I've had trouble letting them that close to me because I've been hurt in the past but also just a lack of women around that share the same interests. I love this post!

  3. This is one of the reasons I started blogging too. I've been lacking these kinds of relationships for a long time. I'm so glad you shared this! :)

  4. Something strange happened to me. During all my life I have been surrounded by women, family, many female friends, teachers, and that was so fulfilling. Then, in my 30's I left my native country and all that female cozy nest disappeared. I came to US with my husband and had a hard time to adapt. A year passed and I started feeling different about women. It was a completely new feeling, I had never experienced before. I started being women identified, with means that I fell in love with women in a romantic way. I have never acted on that, but I am completely changed inside and it made my relationship with my husband very difficult. He did not do anything wrong, neither did I, but I dont feel atracted by him anymore. I think, I am in need of something I only can find in the female world. Your post made me think about it, thank you! I wonder if other women here has felt this way too...