Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to Hit the Gym

So my best friend is getting married in less than a month
and you know what that means...
bridesmaid + dress = NEEDS TAN and GYM!!
So since my husband is back in school, I decided to get the spouse membership at the University gym.  Good idea, right?? WRONG!  I am the out of shape, pale, burnette sweating like I just carried a rhinosauris into the gym with me! 
Ridiculous how out of shape I am.  

I am a runner. 
Running is therapy.
I think, pray, and jam out to my selected picks from itunes. 
But laying on a hard bench with an elastic tube secured to my feet while spreading them as far apart as they could possibly go, then proceeding to "pulse" not therapy!  
However, I have kept with it this week and I see RESULTS! 
I admit I have slacked lately with my new job and cold weather,
but it feels good to get back in shape. 

It feels good to feel good.


  1. Aw! I know your pain...I'm doing the same kinds of things to get ready for summer. Keep it up! :)

  2. ugh! I soooo need to get back into it! I'm wishing I had someone to go with me to keep me motivated, lol. Been trying to talk myself into it for months! I know I'll love it once I see and feel the results...but....ya know?! ;0)

  3. We had a few years like that, every few months someone was getting married and I had to get tab and skinny. Results make those sweaty workouts worth it. I'm sure you'll be rockin that bridesmaid dress. Can't wait to see pics.

  4. starting is the hardest part. but you'll hit your groove and then it's much easier.