Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Back to School

Im so proud of my husband...this year he decided to go back to school! Jason was in school years back with a year left, but life happened and he ended up putting it hold. The month before all of this happened, Jason and I met through mutual friends and later ended up getting married. I know God orchestrated all of this for his purpose and Im thankful for that. But this is something that has been hanging over his head and will be such a burden lifted when he does finish.

So in November 2009 we up and moved from Austin, TX to a little cottage(where I could feel halfway content) on the outskirts of "college town" back at my Alumni...FSU! He is attending school full time and I am working full time.  I got the job the week we moved and its an answered prayer! I have been trying to combine at-risk(low income) children and the classroom. This job allows me to oversee this process by training adults who are teachers or directors of VPK, child care centers to better the quality of their program that are geared towards these children. I hope to make an impact in the life of at least one child, one teacher, or one center. I do admit, however, that it's pretty weird not having my husband work and bring home the bacon! But we agreed it would be better for him to just get DONE.  So I am proud to say that right now I am officially a "Sugar Mama!"   
Today was Jason's first exam back in college. He has been reading and working so hard...I thinks its kinda HOTT!  Not that I expected him to be out partying and joining a Frat but its just a different chapter that I havent ever seen him in. I guess being older and wiser will have its benefits this time around.  This chapter is sweet to be in...we are still young and able to "go back to school" if needed and thats fun..adventurous!  I am embracing this time in our lives and one day it will be a great story to tell our kids. 

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