Tuesday, March 13, 2012

First Trimester Down!

13 week pic of me

14 week pic of baby

I am feeling blessed and so very hopeful!
The doctors are checking me every 2 weeks
to make sure everything is okay this time around.
That is nice especially to be able to see the baby develop,
but I do not need the doctors to assure me....
My hope is in the Lord.
My mind is consumed by His grace.
And I believe in His faithfulness.

In a couple of weeks we will find out the gender.
And my feelings are mixed.
I want another son.
I dont know when and it doesnt  have to be now
but I know God will fill that void...someday.
I would love to have a girl.
A new beginning.
Pink never really crossed my mind until recently
And it would be nice.
Whatever it may be, God knew all along.
He knew that this would be our perfect child.
 The child He has called us to love.
And I will certainly do plenty of that.

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  1. You look amazing and it sounds like you have a great outlook and hope in God :)