Thursday, February 24, 2011

Donald Duck

Otherwise known as my Brother, when I was younger.
He did the best impression of Donald Duck and it was hilarious
watching his face scrunch up and his voice change in order to perfectly fit the part.

There is nothing quite like a Brother.
Nothing quite like my Brother.
He is laughter in an akward moment.
He is silence on the other end of the phone.
He is a history book and a good cup of coffee.
He is mashed potatoes and gravy kind of comfort.
And a good tune on a long drive with a spit cup in the holder.

He is a good man and good ole boy.
He is words from the Bible when I'm unable to speak.
And a hankerchief for falling tears.
He is an elementary hand clap.
And a hand to dance with on your wedding day.
He is a father that teaches.
A husband that loves.
A son that keeps accountable.
And he is the only male friend my husband is okay with.
He is my Brother.

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