Saturday, April 10, 2010

Let the Gardening begin!

Spring time is here and that means blooms, flowers, and planting!
I love this time of year and have really taken appreciation for flowers blooming in the yard. I want to be good at it...but there is a problem.
Im just not.
I either water too much or water not enough.
So this spring, follow me on the journey of "do I or do I not kill my flowers in bloom".
=) We shall see.....take a look as of this week.


  1. Those flowers are gorgeous! Love the bright colors.

    Have a nice day--smiles!

  2. Oh, I LOVE hydrangeas. Only thing is I seem to kill them, each and every single year.

    Your flowers are gorgeous. Such a happy thing.

  3. Hi Ashley! I'm starting gardening this week too! (came here from ZuZu's btw). I'll be having a few gardening tips on my blog today, Thurs. and maybe Fri. (we'll see when I run out of tips :-)) - it's sort of a "garden week" over there with a break for the Kindred Connection party on Wednesday. - Your flowers look beautiful! Not sure if you have them permanently together as you took the pic, but hydrangeas need morning sun and afternoon shade, but the petunias should have much more sun throughout the day, so those particular pots probably shouldn't live together! Just a little tip if you're looking for some :-) Nice to meet you! Happy Gardening!

  4. it sure looks like you're off to a great start!!! they're gorgeous! i believe in you... you can keep them alive! keep us updated.

  5. Love those hydrangeas! I am the same way, I can't keep 'em alive if it means they rely on my in anyway! Love your new heading photo also! Hope you're having a great week!

  6. Ashley,
    So glad that you found my blog today! I wish that you coudl rub a bit of your "green thumb" off on me! I am pretty bad in that dept!!
    I am following you now as well!!

  7. so glad you stopped by! I have been gardening too! In lots of flower pots!
    Look forward to following!

  8. Hey friend! Thanks for pointing me to your blog - so excited to follow your stories too now! Love you friend! Prayers and LOVE your way!

  9. So beautiful! and your blog is so awesome! :)

  10. Haha...I always try so hard but if I don't kill my plants...the kitties do. I keep trying though. I'm determined! I love plants too much to give up.